Sales Diary: Driving Insightful Decisions With AI - Powered Sales Automation Platform

CIO Vendor Studies show that the global Sales Force Automation software market is estimated to reach 7,773 million dollars by the year 2023. Streamlining and tracking the sales process, managing customer database and maintaining account information brings overall organizational efficiency that is propelling this market forward. “The entire country/global economy are split into two vertices which is supply of goods and rendering of services. Sales is the key and a common pillar for both the verticals. Hence, using an SFA will be crucial for the organizations to embrace digital transformation with mobile first approach,” says Santosh Hegde, Founder and CEO, SalesDiary, giving his inputs on the SFA market growth.

Most of the current SFA solutions/inhouse solutions are designed to convert manual processes to digital processes. However, digital transformation is a part of automation, but it does not complete the Automation process. Solutions inspired by AI and ML in combination with carefully thought out User Experience can enhance the Sales across verticals in many ways. This is where SalesDiary, headquartered in Bangalore, comes to the forefront of the domain with its end-to-end Front Line Sales Automation Platform powered by ML & AI enabling companies to expand market reach and accelerate sales growth with optimal resources.

The platform is designed for managing marketing, salesand distribution of goods across geographically dispersed locations through a highly intuitive tool which provides realtime coverage analytics. The platform offers basic insights such as product placement and outlet reach, zero sales outlets, loss of business due to absenteeism and much more. Beyond this, the platform has been developed with inbuilt BI toolthat permits the end user to view customized KPI reports from various perspectives which can be generated
on demand. The platform has been engineered with a smart and innovative algorithm that suggests precise actions that can be carried out by the managers and the sales reps can leverage the AI enabled recommendation system that allows them to target outlets with a higher probability of buying.

Unlike other SFAs or solutions, we focus on midlevel managers, who now canact smartly and be a catalyst in enabling the growth of the company instead of just doing policing work

“Unlike other SFAs or solutions, we focus on mid-level managers, who now can act smartly and be a catalyst in enabling the growth of the company instead of just doing policing work. We provide effective actionable information to the managers so they can act responsibly and can be held accountable for their KRAs,” reveals Santosh. The feature rich platform is equipped with a KPI tracker known as the Sales Diary playbook that has various parameters and it helps individuals exceed their own expectations by providing timely recommendation and action plans.

Gearing themselves up for the future as an influx of companies have begun adopting cloud based solutions and mobile first solutions, SalesDiary understands that data security and ease of deployment is of paramount importance. Hence, the team has launched Kardamom, a comprehensive enterprise mobility management (also refered as EMM or MDM),in partnership with Samsung Knox and Google EMM. Sharing his plans for the future, Santosh says, “So far we have seen great traction for EMM with SFA adoption in India. We are now exploring South America, Middle East and African countries for expansion.”